Where can I get access to my products

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Last modified on 15 August 2022 by Admin
To be able to access your products, first you need to be registered with us. This is free, no credit card required. If you have not done so, you can do that by clicking here.

After you are registered, you need to be logged in to access your products. Click here to login.

Now that you are logged in you will automatically be forwarded to the start page where your products are displayed. If you are not enrolled for any product yet, you are able to enroll on this page.

If you are enrolled for a product, for example fin the free webinar below, you can click on ''Continue'' to go to the learning path where you can find all videos and other contents for this product.

If you want to return to the above overview page, you can always click on ''My products'' in the topbar. 
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If not, we are very sorry for that! As we want to improve, please give us your feedback by clicking here.