Study group application

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It came to our attention that there are a lot of players at lowstakes who want to enroll for the Mechanics of Poker. Unfortunately, they don't have the bankroll (yet) to purchase our program. That is why we have decided that from now on you can apply for a group package* starting at 3 players.

Curious to know the details? Just send us your application and we will contact you at the soonest.
You can find all application requirements below. 

* A
ny other promotions are not valid in combination with our study group package discount

What we need from you

To be recognized as a study group, at least 3 poker players needs to be part of your group.

From all players we would like to receive the following information with the application:
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  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Country of living
  • Main stake that you play
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We will reply as soon as possible after receipt of your application
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