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How to verify your account

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Last modified on 15 August 2022 by Admin
This support article is only applicable if you already registered for The Mechanics of Poker. In that case you should already have got access to the program automatically.

Now, as the very first part of the program you will find our Piracy Prevention section. In this video we will explain what we do to prevent our content (and your investment!) from piracy. One of the precautions we take is verifying your account.
In this video we will explain how you can verify your account and what simple steps you need to take for this. It will only take less than 5 minutes of your time.

Besides that, you also received a welcome email with those simple steps for the verification of your account. So, you could also check your inbox to see what we expect to receive from you.

If you have not received the welcome email within an hour after your purchase, it could be that the email was delivered to your spam folder. If that is not the case, please contact us and we will make sure that you will receive the email as soon as possible.
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