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How to join the Poker Ambition Club

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Last modified on 21 April 2021 by Admin
It's great to hear that you want to join our club, thank you for your interest!

For now, you can only become member of our Club once you register for our new program The Mechanics of Poker. Although we would love to see you sign-up straight away, we recommend you to watch our demo video first. In this one hour video we will explain everything about the program and how it would benefit you in your journey to become a (even better) professional poker player.

Click on te button below to get started with the free demo video, no credit card required.
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For those who are sure to buy the program and skip the demo video: thank you for your trust in us!

You can click here to go to our checkout page straight away. After we have received your payment you will get access to the program straight away.
We hope this support article helped you out.
If not, we are very sorry for that! As we want to improve, please give us your feedback by clicking here.