The Mechanics leakfinder

Have you ever been curious to see what your leaks are? with this stat + popup tool for H2N you can import your hands and compare your stats to that of GTO in all the major nodes 
  • See your game in stats and compare them to GTO
  • Have TheWakko walk through every node step by step
  • Use this tool to look for leaks in your population as well
  • No costs, completely for free
  • Free 1 month H2N trial for new users
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About our coach TheWakko

long time nlh cash-game player and technical coach
Rene, our technical Head coach and high stakes cash game player, has a great passion and talent for looking at poker from all angles. Last year, he went into 'The Lab' and dedicated all his time to figure out what poker success comes down to. He transformed that into our philosophy, which he will be happy to teach you. Nowadays he is back on the poker streets, grinding his way back to the highest stakes of poker.

Frequently asked questions

Whats the cost of this product?

Everyone should have access to a laekfinder tool, as awarness is the first step to progress. And since it's our mission to help players improve and move up in stakes, the best way we can do that is my making this product available completely for free

Who is this product for?

This product is designed for 6-max NLH cash-games. While our overall coahing philosophy is not restricted to a specific game type, this tool compares your stats to that of GTO bots who played 6-max NLH. However, even if you play a different format, you might still find it to be usefull so go check it out

What happens after I sign-up?

In order to download the leakfinder and watch TheWakko video explanation you need to make an account for our online platform. There are no costs for that. All we need are a view details, like your Name and Email. After that you will automatically be forwarded to the leakfinder tools and videos

How long do i have access to this product?

Since analyzing you game for leaks is a constant process you will have unlimited access to this product, enjoy :)

Make this year your best one ever!

Make this year your best one ever!