''TheWakko says'' - Edition 11

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Right, so far I’ve told you guys that you should (from the 1st article to then 10th):

(1) Have a clear learning path;
(2) Plan;
(3) Take care of your network;
(4) Offer help if you seek improvement;
(5) Focus on what you can control;
(6) Look for the why;
(7) Watch out for confirmation bias;
(8) Be consistent;
(9) Trust the process. And;
(10) Stop learning from pain.

Today, with this article, I don’t want to tell you to do anything… Well, that’s not entirely true since at the end I’ll try to convince you to buy our course. However, the main purpose for this article is to leave you in a position to reflect.

I had a hard time finding the right angle to approach this topic so it can best help you, but here’s the topic that I am trying to address:

Poker players often skip stages. In their path/progress to move up stakes, the eagerness to speed up the process can harm their career (if they’re not ready for the leap, not ready to move up).

So, to reflect on this topic, I approached it from an angle that I learned is beneficial to have if you seek continuous improvement, it is:

Right now, whatever it is I’m doing, am I doing it the best way it can be done? Or am I on auto-pilot just executing?

Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to ask yourself this question for everything you do. Sometimes (or even most of the times), your auto-pilot is already the best “Modus Operandi”, meaning you’ve already cracked the best approach or the activity itself doesn’t require much reflection, as a well known brand would say it:
 “Just do it!”

However, moving up stakes can be a tricky moment in a player’s career, so I think it’s worth the reflection.

Although I’m talking about poker here, I also assume this question will stand valid for other professions, so here it is, here’s my question to you if you want to move up stakes (or take on a new challenge):

“Do you have enough wisdom?”

Pay extra attention to the word “enough”. The reason for this question comes from what I’ve come understand “Wisdom” actually is, for me it is:

Wisdom = Experience + Knowledge

Meaning that my advice for you that want to move up stakes, should be to first ask whether you have both enough experience and enough knowledge. To justify this angle I can reference myself, as my progress to high stakes (the leaps) best happened when I had enough experience and enough knowledge, meaning: I had enough Wisdom.

The concept behind this is to have your current level as a safety net. I am also aware that my reasoning can be faulty if you view it from the perspective of: “How can I make sure that I have enough wisdom at something new if I haven’t experienced it?”.

So, to illustrate: suppose there are 3 levels: 1, 2 and 3. You’re at level 1 and a recent boost in results made you jump directly to level 3 (skipping level 2). I’m not here to tell you that this cannot be done (or you shouldn’t do), however, I am here to tell you about the danger of this, awareness is a great friend to have (especially when you’re dealing with changes that impact you financially).

So, the idea here is to have you sustainably progress, meaning that if you cracked level 1, jump to level 2 (and level 1 stays as your safety net). If you do jump to level 3 (skipping the experience at level 2), do you at least have enough knowledge?

This is also why I wrote the title as “Can you speed up the process?”, I want to help you move up as quickly as possible and here’s the deal I’ll make with you: you make sure you get enough experience and we’ll make sure you get enough knowledge.

How about that? Which one of our products will help you reach Wisdom and move up?

Rene Kuhlman - TheWakko
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