''TheWakko says'' - Edition 1

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Hey everyone,

Let me quickly share a reflection that I’ve been “pondering” over ever since I started creating this course.

Well, to be honest, I’ve always had it itching at the back of my head, just never quite managed to organize my thoughts.

So, with time and talking with our CEO that has a heavy academic background, I was able to shed some light into the topic, which ended up being the very core and purpose of our main course “The Mechanics of Poker”.

Here it is: Do not ignore the value of a clear learning path, please don’t.

Here’s some situations that I’ve had in my career, see if you can relate (while trying to improve my game and going through/studying countless hours of poker content):

“Hmmm… this would’ve helped me a lot if I knew it sooner”

“Hmmm… I should have learned this before certain topics”

“Hmmm… I think this topic is a bit advanced for me right now”

The list goes on…

And the issue with the poker industry is that we don’t exactly have “universities”, neither are we interested in having I’m guessing, but there are some pedagogical (teaching components) improvements that we are definitely missing. Therefore, we would definitely benefit from.

I’ll break it down for you, in a nutshell:

- You should learn the right topics: sounds obvious, but we’re all susceptible to learn harmful practices;

- You should learn at the right time: also sounds obvious, but think about that moment where your bank roll was short and the situation would have been different if you had the right skill at that moment;

- You should learn progressively: otherwise, how will your game progress? You can think of progress in both a specific content when you get really good at a certain spot, and from a more “holistic” perspective where you’re improving in areas as they come.

Right topics, right time, right sequencing. Clear learning path!

I’ve spent thousands of dollars in coaching, in poker content, i.e. seminars, videos, classes, whatever is out there, I’ve done my best to learn.

The conclusion is: the poker industry has reached a point where content is no longer “exclusive” or hidden in places that only a few people have access to. The obvious issue with this is that it becomes information overload, which in turn could mean that you might not benefit from it.

So what’s the goal here? At least in my head, it’s to make sure that you are able to convert knowledge obtained into money at the tables.

How will that happen if you’re not learning the right topics? What if it’s the right content but at the wrong time? What if it’s in the wrong sequence?

That’s how I’ve come to understand that “learning” is a much broader concept that has several components, all of which we’ve done our best to implement at our course.

Now, obviously, you’re thinking I’m selling our course. Yes, I am!

However, take this reflection with you to your poker career, pay attention what a clear learning path would do to your EV, I know for sure it would’ve helped mine.

Keep in mind, I’m talking from a broad perspective, technical, mindset, performance, don’t let any of these sections hold back your progress.

Pay attention whether you’re actually learning or just consuming content. If you really are learning, you’ll convert knowledge into cash, that’s the goal.

Feel free to reach out to any of our socials, we’re here to help you improve your game!

Rene Kuhlman - TheWakko
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