PA Principle Week 18

Adam Carmichael
Just like an athlete trains his body everyday in order to perform at his best, poker players need to train their mental muscles on a daily basis.

This doesn’t happen by chance, you have to consciously choose the mental skills you want to improve and follow a program that allows you to strengthen them.

One of the key mental skills poker players need to work on is their focus.

Not only do you need to be able to focus intensely, you need to be able to sustain that focus for long periods of time.

A few other mental skills you could be working on are awareness (the ability to take in a wide range of information), resilience (the ability to recover quickly from setbacks) and discipline (the ability to follow through on your intentions).

There are a host of others, the main takeaway is that you identify the mental skills that would be most beneficial for you to improve on and to follow a training program to level them up.
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