PA Principle Week 17

A loop wouldn’t be a loop if we did not end where we started, preparing for your upcoming session. Everything we learned between the end of our last sessions to the start of our next session we should process and where necessary add to our preparation.

Based on our findings we can implement a correction and/or emphasize a certain way of thinking we like to have. We can review hands that show concepts that should be top of mind that are being executed well. We can remind ourselves what poker is really about and where the money comes from and is often lost. Doing a quick body scan/check to see how we are feeling and based on that, doing some breathing to slow down and find calm, or getting us in a higher state by pumping our selves up with our favorite tune.

I am a big fan of priming and visualization, and I am not alone. Visualization is used by great athletes around the world and it allows you to practice in your mind how an upcoming event or in this case session is going to play out. You can visualize those spots where you normally have trouble with or that tilt you and seeing yourself handling those situations well. We can visualize/prime a certain way of thinking, feeling and engagement we want to see for ourselves in this upcoming session.

The bigger the break between your last sessions and your next, the better your preparation should be. Often if we have a good routine and possibly a set place for playing like an office the need for a bigger preparation goes down as we are already in the right state of mind and the place where you go to play is a primer for your mind that now it is game time! But regardless, it's always good that you at least have a couple of points to give your mind before playing so that it raises its engagement for your upcoming session. You’re told it that this is important, and it should not go in auto pilot mode. If you don’t tell your brain to act differently the next time you play your session, don’t expect a different outcome!

That is it for this feedback loop principle series. I hope you found it useful, and I wanted to close off with reminding you that success is nothing but consistently executing and improving all the points explained. In this series, however does the best job in these will win in the long run.
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