PA Principle Week 8

Adam Carmichael
You fire up the tables and sit down, this is the moment to perform! You went over your focus points, set your intentions, you have done all your work off the tables in order to improve your game, and now it’s time to start playing, performing and to execute!

Now what players often do, because they aren’t aware of it, is approach performing at poker the same as studying poker. There is no difference in their mindset away from the tables compared to when they are at the tables. However, in order to perform at a higher level, we should learn to switch mindsets. We have to go from the training mindset, the one we use for studying and evaluating, to the performance mindset.

So, what is the difference? The training mindset is very analytical and tends to be judgmental, effortful, critical, and controlling. Your mind is very active, you're trying to analyse and improve your game! Great while studying, but not so great while playing. When playing, we have to get into the performance mindset, which is to play more on instinct, on intuition, being more accepting, patient, playful and using our ability to trust in ourselves while we just let things happen. You have done all this work now don’t get in the way of yourself when performing but trust yourself and give yourself room to execute what you know.

The ability to switch better, and turn on the performance mindset, is what separates great performers from the pack! Do you have trouble turning off your analytical brain? Do you take the training mindset with you in your sessions?

In the Mechanics of Poker, we teach you how to turn it on and off on command…
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