PA Principle Week 9

What you do between when your session is over and when your next session starts is largely going to determine your progress as a poker player.

So what should we be looking to evaluate after we played our session?

How we did, not in $ won/lost wise, but replacing this by how we did on our pre session focus points as this is something that is in your control and in the long term if you execute those correctly the result will be more winnings at the tables. This way you will view more session as a win!, building more confidence, momentum and helps you stay positive even in downswings. 

Consulting the solver, your database off the population or your strat buddy’s in order to get extra input in spots where you were not sure what was going on. Very important to gain better understanding of how to approach a spot next time around and to not bring doubt from one session in to the next, close that loop!

Reviewing your mental game mistakes. Hands which you know you did not play well even without extra input but still made a mistakes ingame. Analyzing your thought process, how do you think different off game compared to ingame and what can we learn from that.

Reflecting on how you responded to the situations that come up while playing, spotting trends and seeing if you can learn something about yourself. The player with the better evaluation habits will be more confident, more positive, more engaged and fresh for his next session, and improving at a faster rate then its opposition. What you do off the tables is as important as on the tables.

Can you gain a bigger edge by upping your evaluation skills?
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