PA Principle Week 13

Sometimes you can look at your hand, consult the solver, but still stay stuck because you're looking at the hand from the same angle. You need a different perspective. There is more to it than looking at the solver and if it calls, and we did so as well, we move on.

It's about how we came to that conclusion, our perspective on a specific situation and what matters in that situation. This way, we can have a set process that works, which we can use to approach similar situations in the future. For that we discuss our hands and situation we are in with other players.

I believe we can learn from the perspectives of others no matter what level they are playing at. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and it might be that a player 2 stakes below you has a perspective on the spot you’re in that you haven’t thought about. But many players discuss about the wrong things and it is not helping them.

First, they often ask the wrong question about wrong spots (often river, infrequent spots and coolers), things like “do I call this?” “can I get away from this hand” are not great questions. You want to outline your way of thinking, how you came to this conclusion and explain your doubts. Then what I often see going wrong, is that players start defending their initial reasoning instead of discussing in order to learn and get closer to the truth, they are not listening. Maybe the response someone else gives is not what you think is correct, but there is something to be learned in the way they look at this spot or the other way around.

Having a good group to go to for new input and different perspectives is extremely valuable. When asking about a hand, and when listening to an answer, try to understand where they are coming from, from which angle and with which mindset they approach this situation and try to learn from this. Scanning more for “why or when would this be correct” and looking to learn something from the hand, even if that didn’t answer your particular question it did gave you an insight of how someone could approach a certain situation. Instead of “how is this incorrect”.
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