PA Principle Week 25

Look for WHY instead of WHAT.

This week, we're revisiting a principle from a while ago as it's ever so important these days to realize that we have to understand WHY a solver chooses to do something.

This is a principle we originally posted almost exactly a year ago, but we feel like it's an important one to keep in the back of our minds at all times when studying.

You should not use solvers to tell you what to do, but to understand why! What is it trying to achieve? What are the consequences if we do something different?

Remember, the solver takes the most +EV line, so if it plays a hand different to how you would play it, dig deeper into where and against what it is gaining EV that you are missing.

On top of that, poker is a very complex game with many different situations.

Trying to memorize what PIO does will lead to your brain being overloaded with information, causing you to flow less while playing. You are forced to make things simple, which loses quality.

You didn’t know what the strategy was trying to accomplish and thus find yourself lost on later streets.

What solvers show is the outcome of the information YOU put in, it’s now up to you to figure out why it does what it does.

Think about what it is accomplishing by this strategy. Here you can find many answers that you’re looking for!
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