PA Principle Week 27

Adam Carmichael
Change Your Perspective

Is the glass half empty or half full?

Both are right, but the perspective you take will dictate what you see.

As a poker player, it can often seem like the world is conspiring against you. The “poker gods”, the poker sites, the players and variance all seem to have a personal vendetta against you.

Your world view becomes very small and you can only see the negatives. In these moments, we often don’t realise how much we are magnifying our problems
When we are feeling angry or frustrated, we fall victim to thinking our problems are bigger than they are.

One of the best mindset habits you can develop as a poker player, is to always look for a positive you can take from a situation.

When you are on a brutal downswing, what positive can you take from this?

When you’ve been getting coolered every hand, what lessons can you learn from this?

By changing your perspective you take back control of the situation and turn what would be a negative event for most people into an opportunity to learn and grow.

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