PA Principle Week 29

Build a fundament from GTO concepts

Now hold on Mr. Wakko, one day you say f*ck GTO and the other day you’re telling us to study GTO, let me elaborate.

There is a misunderstanding about GTO, a lack of understanding on studying GTO, and definitely a misconception about how to implement GTO play.

Many players will consult the solver with the intension of finding out what to do, or if their hand was played correctly. Now usually what to do is pick most hands at a certain frequency.

This is especially true on the flop, as whatever direction you decide to go in with a hand, we still have 2 streets left to reach our objective, which is;

To turn our EQ into a strategy that generates as much EV as possible.

Now, your job while studying GTO is not to figure out what to do or if you played your hand correctly.

Your job is to figure out driving principles behind how the solver turned his EQ in to highest EV using that strategy. “Why is this correct?”

The goal is not to play perfect GTO, this would be impossible for a human being, the goal is to build solid fundamentals from which you take actions and avoid making big errors/blunders.

Sometimes in a specific spot there will be an exception to a principle, and that is ok. We can see if there is an important nuance that we can add to our principles.
However, often it is based on stuff that we don’t need to worry about in practice, and if focused on too much, will only increase the likelihood of blundering the most important spots.

So, do you use a solver? And if so, are you trying to play like the solver? Or do you look to build off its principles and become a better version of yourself?

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