Meet TheWakko, our technical headcoach

Marco van Es
Ever since TheWakko, Xplode777 and Pokerkluka started working together closely, their careers have skyrocketed. Together, they formed Poker Ambition right from the start.

After achieving the desired success in their own poker careers, they decided to help other players through the CFP program. During this period of two years, they learned so much more about teaching poker, and what it takes to succeed. This resulted in TheWakko going into ‘TheLab’ and dedicated all his time to figure out what poker success comes down to. He transformed that into a philosophy, which he will be teaching you in the technical part of this program, as he has already done to so many of our students.

Do you want to see how many times TheWakko went broke before he got his success? Watch his full poker story with all insights below.
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