Poker Ambition Lessons ft. TheWakko

This is it! The video that Rene has been teasing on his stream for a while! Rene lets you in on some of the secrets that he has learned throughout his career about how to get the highest possible winrate in 500 Zoom, and any other game of Poker for that matter!

Keep in mind, in order to take yourself to the next level, the levels that Rene mentions in the video, you will need to put in A LOT of hard work! Especially if you're going to do it on your own. Build a team around you that can help you along the way, and grow together with you. However, what we can do for you, is teach you what we know and have learned along the way to help you on your way too!

Want to learn what we've found out to be some of the most important mechanics to Poker? Check out our new program!
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