Mechanics refund policy

We believe in the value of our product and are committed to making enrollment in The Mechanics of Poker program a +EV investment for our players. To uphold this commitment, we offer a money-back guarantee based on the value received while going through our program versus money paid. If, after completing the program, you feel the value you received does not match the investment made, we will refund the difference, subject to terms and conditions.

Terms of the Refund Policy
To qualify for a refund, you must meet the following criteria

- Completion of at least 66% of the course content, which includes live play and bonus footage but excludes Q&A recordings.

Participation in at least two Q&A sessions with Rene and Adam, during which you actively seek clarification or assistance with any unresolved issues.

Engagement in a one-on-one session with either Rene or Adam to discuss your specific concerns or challenges.

- Active participation in our Discord community, evidenced by at least 30 posts, the majority of which should be questions related to challenges you're facing within the program.

If these conditions are met and you still perceive the value as less than your investment, Rene or Adam will arrange a call with you to assess the received value and discuss possible program improvements. Following this, we will proceed with the agreed-upon refund.

Non-Qualifying Circumstances for Refunds
Refunds will not be considered under the following circumstances:

- Inability to allocate time to go through the program due to personal reasons.

- Other commitments that prevent full engagement with the program content and supplementary support sessions.

- Lack of participation in monthly Q&A sessions and failure to proactively seek assistance from Rene, Adam, or the community to address any challenges.

These situations are ineligible for refunds as they do not reflect on the intrinsic quality of our program, which our guarantee aims to uphold.