Masterclass SB vs BB

More than 18+ hours of video content
The second Cash game Masterclass SB vs BB is out! Although we recommend to follow the full Mechanics of Poker program first, this Masterclass is explained in a way that you can understand and use that knowledge to boost your winrate in this particular spot.
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Do you need a winrate boost in this spot?

This Masterclass is a specialization of our main program the Mechanics of Poker, in which we explain the fundamentals of how we approach poker strategy and being a poker professional. In this Masterclass we will focus on the specific spot SB vs BB. You will see how these fundamentals return in this spot and come up with very effective strategies for you to implement.

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Online Cash Game (1000NL)
''Joining Poker Ambition has truly lifted my game to the next level. I wasn’t quite sure what my level was in the “normal” online games on Stars and I started out on 100nl. Within 14 months I moved up to the 1k level. The coaches teach you to understand poker, rather than learning tricks like most others.''

Who is this Masterclasses for

  • Exclusively available for Mechanics of Poker members
  • Cash game players
  • Applicable at any level
  • We will show how this spot plays in theory by using solvers
  • Explain the why behind the strategy
  • How does this strategy generate EV
  • Look for population tendencies to come up with the highest EV strategy

What is included?

Made by TheWakko 

Once subscribed, you will have unlimited access to this Masterclass. Also, you will receive a personalized certificate of completion.

18+ hours of video content

This Masterclass consist of 18 videos and over 18+ hours of video content structured in 10 modules.

Population tendencies

Including adjustments and exploitative strategies. We explain how theory translates into practice.

GTO solutions

Including strategies for all textures and runouts, focused on understanding how EV is generated with the strategy (rather than copying the solver).


Full support in our discord channel, where you can ask questions and post hands about the Masterclass that you are enrolled in.

Interactive group HH review session

We host live HH review sessions, where we give feedback on your hands played where you tried to implement the knowledge.

In game HH examples

We will show you how it went when putting the lessons into practice.

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Course contents

After taking this Masterclass you will

  • Have all the information and understanding you need to play the spot in the highest EV way
  • Understand how various strategies in this spot generate EV, so you can pick what is best for your game and population
  • Have gained a deeper understanding of how poker works, which you can translate into other spots as well
  • Have a place to go for feedback on your hands
  • Be excited to tackle the next spot that you are leaking in

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Ever since TheWakko, Xplode7777 and Pokerkluka started working together closely, their careers have skyrocketed. Together, they formed Poker Ambition. After achieving the desired success in their own poker careers, they decided to help other players through the coaching program. During this period of two years, they learned so much more about teaching poker, and what it takes to succeed.  This resulted in TheWakko going into ‘TheLab’ and dedicated all his time to figure out what poker success comes down to. He transformed that into a philosophy, which he will be teaching you in the technical part of this program, as he has already done to so many of our  students. Watch his full poker story here!
TheWakko - Headcoach

Frequently asked questions

Who is this Masterclass made for? 

These Masterclasses are specifically made for Cash game players applicable at any level. We will show you how this spot plays in theory using solvers, explain you the why behind the strategy. What is it trying to accomplish? And how does this strategy generate EV?  After that, we look at tendencies of the population to come up with the highest EV strategy in the games that we play in. 

What makes this product different than others? 

Normally this kind of in-debt knowledge is only available in CFP programs. These strategies have been used by our coaches and students and have proven to increase your winrate. In a CFP you have to make a long-term commitment giving a way a big part of your profit. Moreover, it's an all-inclusive deal, which means you will pay for the spots you already play good as well. The Masterclasses offer you a chance to invest only in that spot you struggle with and give you the highest return on your investment!

Will there be new content released within the Masterclasses? 

We believe in continuous improvement. Therefore, as soon as we launch a new Masterclass we immediately start with collecting feedback from the members. Please contact us if you already have any suggestions for us moving forward.

Can I try it before buying? Is there a trial period? 

In this case there is no trial possible. If you still have any doubts, please reach out to us and we can see how we can help you!

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